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Cleveland, Ohio Speech Nov. 14, 1998


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I would first like to thank the American Nationalist Union for inviting me to speak to you here today.

Some time ago I wrote a controversial book which explained why the United States of America will erupt in a second civil war and be partitioned, much like the former Yugoslavia. Before I begin the main body of my speech, I would like to make it clear that I am predicting this war, not advocating it.

The underlying cause of this second civil war is nothing less than the very nature of our country and its peoples. There are, from a military perspective, two types of geopolitical entities - empires and nations - and they're best considered by contrasting each to the other.

Empires are generally larger, sometimes even global in scope, and more likely to be geographically fragmented. Nations are usually smaller and geographically continuous.

Empires are populated by peoples of different cultures, languages, nationalities, races and religions. One of these groups, a minority itself, dominates the others by naked military power. In contrast, nations are politically dominated by one group that makes up a clear majority of the population.

Finally, and most important, nations are naturally stable while empires are inherently and eternally unstable.

Nations enjoy natural military stability because a clear majority of the people mutually recognize each other as co-nationals. Multiethnic empires never achieve natural military stability. Empires survive only by the constant military and police suppression of their inhabitants, and break up the minute the dominant group loses the military power, or the will, to shackle the empire's peoples together.

To understand the future, consider the past. Throughout history, all multiethnic empires have broken up, and almost always in cataclysmic violence. Therefore, the question is not if the multiethnic American Empire will shatter, but when. The former Soviet Union and the former Yugoslavia are classic examples of multiethnic empires that recently shattered in tribal violence.

From a military perspective, America is a hybrid displaying both empire-like and nation-like characteristics. America is empire-like in its immense size, its geographic fragmentation, and its great diversity of cultures, languages, nationalities, races and religions.

America is nation-like only in that it is still, but decreasingly, dominated by the English-speaking Europeans.

It is instructive to recall that America was born in revolutionary violence because the British establishment was treating us as second-class citizens to be exploited in their multiethnic empire.

For the last several decades, ongoing and dramatic changes in this country's ethnic composition have been steadily transforming America into a more empire-like entity, a naturally unstable multiethnic cardhouse doomed to collapse exactly as every other multiethnic empire throughout world history. Projections by the Census Bureau indicate that by approximately 2050 AD, less than sixty years from now, non-Europeans will become the majority in America, and Europeans a minority.

Now, exactly why will our on-going conversion into a multiethnic empire plunge us into this second civil war?

Multiethnic empires fracture in civil wars because they're undemocratic societies. Empires are always undemocratic societies simply because it's impossible for empires to be anything other than undemocratic societies. Empires are always undemocratic because the diverse peoples making up the empire have nothing in common to serve as the foundation for the empire's laws - no common culture, no common language, no common nationality, no common race, and no common religion.

Because of all this bewildering diversity, the empire's subjects can never have any common vision of the empire's future. They simply can't reach any agreements on any of the polarizing disputes constantly tearing the empire apart.

Therefore, no matter what the laws of empires are, they are always unpopular with many of the empire's subjects, who are always tempted to set up their own new nation on a portion of the empire if they could do so democratically.

Therefore, the people must be denied democracy in order to hold the empire together, and military and police power must be used to keep the resulting undemocratic and unpopular imperial government in power.

Empires may have Constitutions and laws, but they're a facade, and massed behind the facade are the appropriate armed formations who must constantly crush attempts to break free of the empire - the imperial legions and Pretorian Guard of ancient Rome, the Royal Navy of the British Empire, The Gestapo and Waffen SS of the German Empire of WWII, the KGB and MVD of the Soviet Union, and, in our own case here, evolving bands of federal paramilitary formations charged with binding Imperial America together.

The cynicism that always accompanies undemocratic, imperial governments promotes corruption, social tiering, militarism, racism, global military aggression, and intolerance of all conceivable varieties.

Consider the United Nations, NAFTA, affirmative action, quotas, political correctness, and massive third-world immigration. These mechanisms have an ultimate and sinister goal whose consequences must be examined from the proper perspective - the military perspective of Civil War II. The goal is the destruction of American citizenship and therefore, ultimately, the destruction of America itself, or, more exactly, its conversion into an empire, which in turn will be an administrative district of the larger global empire, the so-called New World Order. The consequence of the globalists' agenda will be war.

I quote the thoughts of Emperor William Jefferson Clinton, which he shared with us in a speech in Seattle, Washington in November 1997: "There are a lot of brilliant people who believe that the nation state is fast becoming a relic of the past."

Understand that in multiethnic empires, the concept of citizenship does not have the same meaning of conveying rights as it is commonly understood by most Americans.

In the multiethnic British Empire, for example, the people were first and primarily subjects of the Crown, which decided what their rights were, based on their ethnic group and social class, not on their status of being a British citizen or not. In the multiethnic Soviet Union, the rights of individuals were based based on their ethnic group, which was duly stamped on their identity papers, and their membership, or lack of it, in the establishment's sole political party.

Understand that nations are composed of citizens who own their rights as individuals based upon their citizenship, a citizenship common across across social, economic and ethnic lines.

Understand that empires are composed of subjects, not citizens, arranged in economic and ethnic groups, whose privileges, not rights, are granted by the Imperial establishment. As power of each group grows or declines, the Imperial establishment increases or revokes the privileges of each group accordingly.

Now that America is being re-engineered into an undemocratic, multiethnic empire, our concept of rights based of citizenship must be destroyed (and is being) destroyed, and is being replaced by a system of privileges based on ethnic group and social class, because the concepts of a multiethnic empire and rights based on a common citizenship are absolutely and completely incompatible.

How fast is America being transformed into a multiethnic empire? In the 1960s, when I was a young man, America was about 90% European, then politically motivated changes in the immigration laws caused a surge in the non-European population. Since the Sixties the European percentage of the population has fallen at about the rate of one percentage point every two years.

Let me say that again so that you'll understand the full implications - since the Sixties the European percentage of the population has fallen at about the rate a one percentage point every two years. In the Sixties America was about 90% European, today it is about 74% European.

As I pointed out in my book, this demographic transformation is equivalent to 3,000 Europeans disappearing every day, and being replaced by 3,000 non-Europeans every day. Every single day.

I'm going to say that one more time and I hope it hits you like somebody pounding a nail into your head with a hammer. This demographic transformation is equivalent to 3,000 Europeans disappearing every day, and being replaced by 3,000 non-Europeans every day. Every single bloody day!

If any conservatives still think they can put Pat Buchanan in the White House with these demographics they've got too many birds on their antenna.

The Imperial establishment is currently importing about one million colonizers a year, euphemistically referred to as immigrants. Most of these colonizers are third-world, non-Europeans and DOA. Not DOA for dead on arrival, DOA for Democrats on Arrival. The Imperial establishment is stuffing the ballot boxes by stuffing the demographics.

I, Thomas Walter Chittum, here and today, say point blank that it's time to start thinking the unthinkable. Civil War II, in our lifetime, with millions, if not tens of millions dead.

I invite you to consider the following events and decide for yourselves if America is proceeding towards a second civil war or not. Consider urban riots. Urban riots have preceded almost every revolution and civil war in Western Civilization since the Industrial Revolution, and they are now preceding Civil War II right here the American Empire. If you disagree, consider these trends in rioting:

Trend 1: Heavy Weapons

Watch future riots to see if heavy weapons such as attack aircraft, artillery, or armored vehicles are used. If they are, we'll know we've taken another incremental step towards Civil War II.

Actually, in the Los Angeles riot of '92, armored personnel carriers were used by the Los Angeles police department to flush out organized snipers in the predominately-black Jordan Downs housing project.

Understand that armored personnel carriers are not police vehicles; armored personnel carriers are military attack vehicles. Armored vehicles were necessary because the riot was not actually a riot, but a hybrid somewhere between a riot and a war.

It is a stark fact that these riots are increasingly taking on the characteristics of outright warfare, and that the police are increasingly and necessarily taking on the characteristics of armies in order to fight these urban battles of this unfolding second civil war. This ongoing conversion of our police departments into military formations is reflected by their increasing use of armored vehicles, helicopters, bullet-spraying assault rifles, combat helmets, bulletproof vests, sniper rifles, military-style uniforms, and military assault units such as SWAT teams.

Ladies and gentlemen, what we are witnessing here is the birth of an imperial army of internal occupation. The truth is that militarily stable nations need nothing more than ordinary police for internal peacekeeping. Our multiethnic American Empire isn't so fortunate. Multiethnic empires such as ours absolutely require serious, heavily armed formations for smashing internal revolutions and wars of secession, and our police and our military are rapidly evolving into exactly such an imperial army of internal occupation.

Trend 2: Ethnic Militias

Watch future riots for confrontations between armed ethnic militias, because such confrontations will certainly precede Civil War II. Actually, a confrontation between armed ethnic militias has already occurred. In the so-called Los Angeles riot of '92, Korean merchants spontaneously formed a de facto ethnic militia. They had no choice but to arm themselves with firearms and station themselves on the roofs of the buildings in their shopping center, to defend their property. By forming an ethnic militia these Korean merchants successfully defended their property against similar armed ethnic militias composed of black street gang gunmen that torched much of Los Angeles. Ladies and gentlemen, In the so-called Los Angeles riot of '92, armed ethnic militias confronted each other on American soil.

I will now depart from the theoretical overview of empires, and explain the two major scenarios by which the actual civil war will start.

Scenario One: the TIJUANA USA, scenario, because Los Angeles is rapidly being re-populated into a huge, North of the border, third-world Tijuana.

To understand this scenario, we must first examine the so-called Los Angeles riot of 92 from a military perspective. The L.A. riot of 92 was, in economic, political and social terms, a disaster, but from a purely military perspective it didn't amount to much. The rioting was put down with relative ease by local police departments with some reinforcements from state and federal military formations.

The L.A. riot of 92 failed to complete the jump from riot to sustained and outright civil war as in Yugoslavia because the underlying conditions were not suitable. The fighting was essentially confined to a more or less 10 by 20 mile minority ghetto area. Local politicians provided no top down leadership. The responding security forces were heavily European and they didn't shatter along tribal lines. And the rioters had no heavy, military-style weapons.

Now I want you to fast-forward to a time about a generation from now when this set of conditions just described will have passed and been replaced by a dramatically different set of conditions which will not only allow the transition from riot to war, but will actually compel this transition from riot to war.

About a generation from now, all southern California will be a sprawling, north-of-the-border Tijuana of twenty million or more disaffected Hispanics, most of them barely surviving on welfare or marginal, unskilled employment.

This time the ghetto will be everywhere and the rioting will thus be everywhere. Because the rioting will no longer be confined in space, it will likewise no longer be confined in time and violence as was the L.A. riot of 92. And keep in mind that this demographic pattern will be duplicated all across the entire Southwest, which will be populated into an extension of Northern Mexico.

This time the riot will be a region-wide riot. This time politicized street gangs and Hispanic secessionists will be able to crack open National Guard armories and acquire heavy weapons, just as such groups did in Yugoslavia. This time the local political leadership and police, which will be mostly Hispanic, will refuse to confront the rioters, or will side with them as was the case in Yugoslavia and Chechnya.

This time, Los Angeles will burn, but so will Denver, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego, Dallas, Houston, El Paso, San Antonio, Austin, and Oakland. All will burn with thousands if not tens of thousands dead, driving out the few remaining non-Hispanics. These rioters turned revolutionaries will thus take the entire Southwest militarily, raise the Mexican flag, dig in, and prepare to receive any federal counter attack.

Ladies and gentlemen, the reason we are not having a civil war right now is exactly the same reason we surely will have a civil war in about a generation. I call this reason the riot-to-war barrier.

This riot-to-war barrier consists of the fact the currently the only imperial subjects disaffected enough to take to the streets in open revolt are confined in space to urban ghettos. Because they are confined their revolts are also confined and are called riots.

When the disaffected are no longer confined, their revolts will no longer be confined, but will sweep entire regions and become war.

Currently, our imperial security forces can rapidly assemble in the non-rioting areas immediately adjacent to these riot zones and mount crushing counterattacks. About a generation from now, the region-wide riot zones will be so huge that the imperial security forces will have to assemble hundreds of miles away, giving the rioters time to acquire heavy weapons and set up a new government and organize an effective military defense, which they can not presently because they are confined in space and therefore also confined in time and violence.

Currently, our demographic patterns put us on the riot side of the riot-to-war barrier. About a generation from now our demographics will put us surely and irreversibly on the war side of the riot-to-war barrier. Worse still, the local imperial security forces in our empire, by which I mean the police and national guard, are draw from the local population. This means that about a generation from now our emperor in Washington will be in the embarrassing position of asking Mexican police and Mexican national guardsmen, many of whom will be dual nationals, to shoot rioting Mexicans. Lotsa luck, amigo.

The outbreak of civil war in the American Southwest is a certainty unless its re-population into an extension of Northern Mexico is halted, and halted fast, by the construction of a massive wall all along our 2,000 mile border with third-world Mexico.

This demographic transformation of what is currently, but only temporarily, our Southwest is setting the stage for our second civil war. How fast in the Hispanic population growing? According to the US Census Bureau as reported by the US News and World Report magazine, and I quote. "(In 1994,) for the first time ever, more Hispanics were added to the US population than whites."

How many of you knew that the Hispanic population is actually growing faster than the non-Hispanic European population?

This demographic transformation of the Southwest is referred to by a growing number Hispanics on both sides of the border as the Reconquista, or reconquest. The openly stated object of this Reconquista is the return of the Southwestern USA to Mexican sovereignty. The openly stated means to effect this Reconquista is massive legal and illegal immigration, and possibly direct armed action. If you can't take this Reconquista seriously, ask yourself if you would fight to retake American soil that that been conquered and occupied by foreign invaders.


We shall now consider the "Vietnam On the Rio" scenario which could topple us into civil war prior to its inevitable ignition in the Los Angeles basin and spreading outwards. To understand this Vietnam on the Rio scenario, you must first understand the essence of the military history of Mexico.

Mexico has always been a dictatorship with the brutal and corrupt Mexican police acting as an army of internal occupation, guarding a parade of corrupt, butchering dictators who were nothing more than a bunch of gussied up banditos strutting around in $2,000 imported suits.

The chaos of an abrupt transition to attempted democracy was precisely what triggered the last serious Mexican Civil War of 1910, which killed one out of every 10 Mexicans, and which was terminated only by a deliberate return to centralized tyranny, the centralized tyranny of the current PRI dictatorship, which is likewise attempting an abrupt transition to democracy just as in 1910.

If, or more likely when, Mexico topples into all-out civil war, its economy, already in tatters, will crash, if not the entire fabric of Mexican society, resulting in a massive flood of Mexican refugees into the American Southwest, completing its repopulation into northern Mexico.

If Mexico falls to communist insurgents such as the Popular Revolutionary Army or Zapatistas, then we shall certainly face an actual Vietnam on the Rio military situation.

For a theoretical overview of why this "Vietnam on the Rio" scenario is likely to detach the Southwestern USA, I present a summary of the teachings of Mao Tse-tung. Mao Tse-tung led a long, bloody and successful guerrilla campaign in China, defeating both the Japanese Imperial army and Western-supported forces. His works on the theory and practice of guerrilla warfare are closely studied at West Point, and all other military academies worldwide. Mao Tse-tung held that there were three basic conditions necessary for a guerrilla force to defeat the military formations of a central government or foreign occupier.

Condition 1 is the active support of a significant portion of the population. It is sufficient that the remainder are apathetic or terrorized into submission.

Condition 2 is secure sanctuaries for the guerrilla formations to operate from. An adjacent country whose government actively supports the guerrillas is ideal, but in-country sanctuaries such as jungles, swamps or mountains will suffice.

Condition 3 is ongoing aid from a foreign government in the form of financial assistance, armaments, diplomatic and other support.

If Mexico falls to communist insurgency, Hispanic guerrilla formations operating in the Southwest will enjoy all three of Mao Tse-tung's conditions for a successful guerrilla movement: Support of the people; suitable sanctuaries to operate from, both in-country and across the Rio; and the ongoing support of a foreign government.

If you mock the the chances of an Hispanic insurgency defeating the supposedly mighty American military machine, I suggest it is because you do not clearly understand the coming situation. This "Vietnam on the Rio" scenario must not be thought of as invading Mexicans fighting the American military on U.S. soil. Rather, it must be more accurately recognized as an invasion of Northern Mexico by the American military.

ladies and gentlemen, Know this - Mexico is where Mexicans are. If our southwest is repopulated by Mexicans then your sons will be drafted to fight a 2,000 mile Vietnam all along the Rio. And on his tombstone you can inscribe, "Gave his life for NAFTA." Ladies and gentlemen, NAFTA is nothing but getting a bunch of cheap junk now in exchange for an expensive war later, with you son in a box as the final installment payment.

After our coming second civil war explodes in the Southwest, It will spread like wildfire across the remainder of the Empire, sweeping all the South into a Rwanda-style butchershop, and blasting our northern cities into so many bombed out Sarajevos.

Now I know what a lot of you must be thinking by now. But if you think I've got haunted house music playing in my head, think again. If you think I'm alone, think again.

While doing research for my book, I discovered that many prominent individuals had expressed themselves about the possibility of a second civil war in America.

One is the establishment liberal Carl Rowan. Mr. Rowan is a former cabinet member and hardly a red-eyed revolutionary. Mr. Rowan recently came out with his book, bluntly entitled "The Coming Race War in America," in which he explicitly warned, and I quote:

"I do not endanger a reputation for accuracy and responsibility gained over a career of almost half a century, when I warn you that a terrible race war is coming in the United States. It is coming fast."

Here's another interesting quote.

Professor Martin van Creveld of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel is considered by many to be the world's foremost military historian and military theorist. In his recent book, The Transformation of War, he made many disturbing observations about the chronic instability of multiethnic societies. Here's what Professor van Creveld had to say about our America:

"The United States is another large, multiracial society where weapons are widely available and that has a tradition of internal violence second to none. America's current economic decline must he halted; or else one day the crime that is rampant in the streets of New York and Washington, D.C. may develop into low intensity conflict by coalescing along racial, religious, social, and political lines, and run completely out of control."

Here's what Pat Buchanan had to say about America's future in an editorial in the New York Post in which Mr. Buchanan expressed himself on affirmative action.

"It is about whether we are going to remain one country, or whether there is a Bosnia in our future .... from the racial resentments and ethnic hatreds aired daily on radio and TV, it is clear that America is headed towards Balkanization."

My book has many more such disturbing quotes from prominent people commenting on the possibility of second civil war here in America.

Virgin Islands

Ladies and gentlemen, there will be no civil war in our empire unless there is a shattering or revolt of our imperial security forces, by which I mean our police and military.

Actually, there has already been exactly such a military revolt in our glorious empire. In 1989 hurricane Hugo swept through the Virgin Islands. Now people of the Virgin Islands have more-or-less the same legal status as Puerto Rico. They are all American citizens, the American flag flies overhead and they have a police force and a national guard just like our states have a national guard. The American citizens in the Virgin Islands are 15% European and the remaining 85% Hispanic and black, mostly black.

As soon as the hurricane passed, massive looting broke out. According to the New York Times, here's what followed. Mobs looted 90% of the stores in the main shopping district. Roving gangs of 100 or more blacks armed with clubs and machetes assaulted Europeans and drove some from their homes.

Worse yet, numerous eye-witnesses reported that uniformed police and uniformed national guardsmen actually joined with the looters, driving off in national guard trucks they had loaded full of merchandise they had stolen.

Europeans were forced to defend themselves and their homes with whatever was at hand. Some had guns, but the unprepared had to stand guard with machetes. Order was not restored until President Bush ordered in plane loads of military police and paratroopers from Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. When these soldiers arrived at the airport, terrified Europeans begged the soldiers to evacuate them.

Ladies and gentlemen, take a long, hard look at this picture of this woman forced to defend herself with a machete because the police and national guard were busy looting, or in other words, practising third-world free enterprise.

Some will say that this national guard revolt doesn't count because it happened in the Virgin Islands, which isn't legally one of the fifty states of the Union. That's lawyer talk, or in other words, one big baloney sandwich.

Ladies and gentlemen, these national guardsmen were American citizens. These national guardsmen were American soldiers who had taken a military oath of loyalty and obedience. What happened, they turned into a mob of looting criminals. Why? Demographics, plain and simple.

What do you think is really going to happen to southern Florida when it is repopulated to 85% Caribbean colonizers?

Do you think these Caribbean colonizers are going to act any differently just because the liquor store they want to loot happens to be Ft. Lauderdale?

Do you think these Caribbean colonizers are going to act any differently just because the TV set they want to ripoff happens to be Tampa?

Isn't this wonderful? We buy machine guns for these looters and give them trucks to haul their loot off with, and then we pretend that these looting criminals are national guardsmen.

Ladies and gentlemen, King George the III may have been somewhat mentally unbalanced, but at least he didn't buy muskets and horses for George Washington and ship them to Valley Forge.

As soon as some entire geographic region such as southern Florida or the Southwest is repopulated to something like 85% colonizing minorities, we will see a similar region-wide breakdown in law and order including police revolts and national guard revolts, with the surviving Europeans completely evacuating entire regions.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you live in one of these geographic regions that the Globalists are turning over to swarms of third-world colonizers, you had better sell out now and get out now while you can still get more than a bucket of tacos for your house. You had better sell out now and get out now before these bongo banging voodoo criminals burn your house down. You had better get out before Civil War Two, or at least make sure you have something better than a machete to defend yourself with.


As you go about your daily lives, look around. Think about events from a military perspective.

Ask yourself if America is beginning to look more and more like some giant, third-world banana republic.

Ask yourself if actual political power is being stripped from elected officials and being handed over to appointed administrators and appointed judges and international institutions and international treaties beyond the recall of American voters.

Ask yourself if our expanding federal paramilitary formations like the BATF with their all-black uniforms and face masks and armored vehicles and automatic weapons are beginning to look more and more like an army of internal occupation, like a bunch of Mexican Federalies.

Ask yourself if you think America is an empire or a nation.

Ask yourself if you're a citizen who owns your rights or the subject of an empire who has to beg for privileges.

And finally, after you've given yourself honest, point-blank answers to all these questions, ask yourself if you think we're marching towards a second civil war or not.

Ladies and gentlemen, America was born in blood. America suckled on blood. America gorged on blood and grew into an Imperial giant, and America will drown in blood.

Ladies and gentlemen, in conclusion, recall that I am not advocating this coming second civil war I've discussed here today; I am predicting it, and by the way, you're all invited. that's it.

Thank you very much.