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The Nationalist Times, January 2003


James Owens

America's "rich racial diversity" is now entrenched public policy, sacrosanct in all U.S. schools, workplaces, mainstream news media and other institutions. Most TV sit-coms and ads today routinely depict the now normal America: black, brown and white faces happily mixing at work, play, sports or sexy flirtation.

The twin pillars supporting multiracial and cultural diversity are racial integration and firmly policed anti-discrimination ("civil rights") laws. All these are now core doctrine in both major parties and all government agencies. No politician dares question it - or even discuss it. Race is a national taboo, unmentionable. For example, the fact that crime by blacks exponentially exceeds white crime is obvious - and taboo, strictly avoided by politicians, TV pundits, teachers and the news media. The media and schools are entirely controlled by the liberal elite.

Blacks and Hispanics, of course, welcome the rapid transformation of America into a majority non-white society. Strangely, so do most whites (projected to be a minority circa 2050). This self-destructive attitude of whites results from the age-old art of propaganda masquerading as government "education." Since the liberal elite tricked the public into the racial-integration and non-white immigration programs of the 1950s and 1960s, two entire generations of white Americans (now adult voters) have been systematically indoctrinated to condemn Euro-American civilization as white oppression, wallow in guilt for slavery and beg forgiveness by voting ceaseless reparations to black victims (welfare, political positions, affirmative action and endless special privileges). Racial integration, "civil rights" and diversity-worship are conscience-soothing white penance. The astounding peculiarity in this scenario is the majority support by the white masses (in their voting) of a core national policy insuring their own ultimate extinction as a race - and that the unique race which created modern civilization. To my knowledge, such sheepish resignation to self-extinction is unprecedented in history.

But instinctively, at the deepest levels of their identity, whites still flee from black and Hispanic cities and, if they can, send their own children to all-white private schools. Whites live in a permanent inner conflict of guilt-ridden duty to racial integration and diversity while ever shunning it by white flight in their personal lives, homes and schools. This is also chronic hypocrisy, although reluctant and suppressed.

By sharp contrast, the hypocrisy of the white liberal elite is vividly conscious, cleverly designed and cynically purposeful. The policy of enforced integration, with interracial marriages (or cohabitation) mushrooming over many generations, will merge genetic differences into a single brownish race. Beneath the patriotic rhetoric of "rich diversity" the liberal elite plans exactly the opposite: a one-brown-race America, fully homogenized, docile, easily molded by the governing elite. Finally realized will be their real goal of an ultimately uniform and stable society, efficiently run by a centralized managerial elite. No more racial, economic or social conflict. The liberal vision of America's socially-engineered future views Euro-white tradition and its Constitution's freedoms as now a liability - and obsolete. So also the white race itself, outmoded, expendable, ultimately merged into a homogeneous brown America.

The hypocrisy of the liberal elite is Machiavellian "clever-fox" tactics: deceive the naive masses with non-stop rhetoric and euphemistic slogans masking true government intent ("homeland security" instead of "centralized police-state control," "hate-speech" instead of "free speech," "investment in human capital" instead of "welfare spending" - and "diversity" instead of "racial homogeneity."

The cynical, and usually secretive, hypocrisy of the liberal left recently dropped its disguise in a casual remark by a "conservative" at a conference last October organized by Pat Buchanan's American Cause foundation. The subject was immigration. Participants were restricted to conservatives only to sharpen the focus on immigration control. Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, reported details in the November issue of AR (debates on the economic impact of immigration, etc.). Especially revealing was his report of remarks made by so-called "conservative" Michael Barone, senior editor of the U.S. News and World Report, arguing the many values of increased immigration, that new immigrants assimilate, contribute to the economy and that, in effect, race doesn't matter. Barone opined that America's racial problem will solve itself by normalized miscegenation - and "my great wish is that, 50 years from now, we will be so mixed there will be no more racial categories" (emphasis added). Such an off-handed remark seems anecdotal but summarizes in plain English, and openly, the real long-range intent of the nation's ruling elite: wipe out the Euro-white race and its traditions.

The liberal (and neo-conservative) elites' vision of a racially homogenized ideal nation (and world) is, as such, not politically saleable yet. Still too many tradition-bound whites who might crush the new vision if they were ever awakened from the liberal propaganda and shocked into grim reality by the true liberal intent. Thus the liberal elite, for another generation or two, chooses wisely to mask their true intent with the successful exploitation of white guilt accepting the phony ploy of rich racial "diversity." When, decades from now, "diversity" evolves into a homogenized brown-majority voting bloc overwhelming whites as a powerless minority, then the hypocrisy of "diversity" will be discarded, no longer needed. The liberal elite can then let loose the Machiavellian "lion" of a police state imposing full control by raw force.

In the meantime, the liberal elite continues to propagandize "diversity" to trick whites into docile acceptance. With a mastery of hypocrisy that would make Machiavelli's "fox" proud, the phony charade of "diversity" is duping today's craven white race into its own extinction. When will whites finally wake up - or will they ever?
Dr. Owens is an emeritus professor of business management and director of Executive Publications. His website: