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B. C. Anthony

FOREWORD: B.C. Anthony has written a thought-provoking essay; he might be right about some principle of social organization consistent with the laws of Nature that will eventually assert itself. But I fear we don't have enough time to depend on such a process to save us. In the U.S., Canada, Britain and several other countries of northwestern Europe, European whites are projected to be minorities by 2050. In most of the remaining countries of western Europe whites will be minorities in the under-age-20 populations by then, and overall minorities a generation or so later. In short, we are being swamped too quickly to be saved by some natural or evolutionary response. Evolution moves too slowly to combat the racial revolution we are now experiencing.

We must practice the values of "Invictus" and be the masters of our fate and the captains of our soul, not passive passengers and observers of our downfall. Many believe we have passed the critical "tipping point" where our fate is sealed and we are irreversibly lost. For some this is an excuse for inaction. For others it is an expression of hope, and will help make it self-fulfilling. The famous Earl Raab quote, cited by Prof. MacDonald (CoC pp 194-195) and others, shows a Jewish view that strongly tends to confirm Anthony's analysis of their tactics and goals:

"The Census Bureau has reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-white or non-European. And they will all be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country. We [Jews] have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to ethnic bigotry for about half a century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible and makes our constitutional constraints against bigotry more practical than ever."

The code words are there: "Nazi-Aryan party" and "ethnic bigotry" refer to any action by European whites in their own interests, especially action to save themselves from the fate intended by Raab's agenda. We too must have an agenda, to save ourselves by whatever means necessary, and make it clear that though our heads may be bloody from their bludgeonings we remain unbowed.
Richard McCulloch, 08 Oct 2004


THE DEFEAT OF National Socialist Germany in WWII was a military defeat but not an ideological one. The propaganda campaign that has gone on ever since has been an attempt to secure an ideological defeat of the National Socialist (NS) ideology.

A barrage of Hollywood movies, television programs, newspaper articles, magazine articles, documentaries, and books (scholarly and otherwise) have been fed to the public showing Hitler and his 'Nazi' comrades as the very incarnation of evil. Gradually public opinion was (and is) molded much like trees grow at a slant in response to a prevailing wind. Even when the wind is not blowing the trees preserve the slant. Just as it is nearly impossible to straighten out such 'flagged' trees, so too it is nearly impossible to correct public opinion subjected to such sustained propaganda over decades. Nevertheless, among a growing minority of the population capable of rational thought, the propaganda has lost its effectiveness. (ILLUSTRATION: UNESCO's 'Brown Man,' the perfect faceless symbol of the raceless, cultureless, historyless worker and consumer that Jewish internationalism seeks to make of us.)

The Second World War ended in Europe on May 8, 1945. Germany and much of Europe lay in ruins. On those ruins was founded a new vision of the relation of countries to each other and to the world community as a whole. It was called the United Nations (UN). Its founding charter document was signed in San Francisco on June 26, 1945 and came into force on October 24, 1945. The UN largely replaced the League of Nations, that had existed before the war, taking over many of its previous functions and largely extending them.

Even prior to the founding of the UN, the allies at war with Germany referred to themselves by that name (United Nations). At the time of the invasion of Normandy, commonly called D-Day, that name was well established in reference to them. When they landed on the beaches they were acting as one beast emerging from the sea. It was at the sixth hour, sixth day, and the sixth month
(6,6,6) that the invasion began, but we can rest assured that was just a coincidence.

The predecessor of the UN, the League of Nations, came into existence after WWI and soon became the focus of attention for those who believed that some form of world government was necessary to preserve world peace and promote prosperity. Largely because of its internationalist orientation and the correspondingly inherent hostility to nationalist movements, Hitler removed Germany from the League in 1933. Internationalism and the destruction of nation states was one of the features Hitler opposed in Marxism:

"In reality what distinguished Karl Marx from the millions who were affected in the same way was that, in a world already in a state of gradual decomposition, he used his keen powers of prognosis to detect the essential poisons, so as to extract them and concentrate them, with the art of a necromancer, in a solution which would bring about the rapid destruction of the independent nations on the globe." (Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Vol.2 Ch.1)

To its credit, the League successfully supervised the Saar plebiscite in 1935, in which the voters chose to reunite with National Socialist Germany under Hitler's leadership. However, due to the inherent conflict between the internationalism of the League and the aspirations of nationalistic states, the League eventually collapsed not long after the outbreak of war in 1939. Its last official act was to expel the USSR for its invasion of Finland in December, 1939. It had lasted about twenty years.

It is no exaggeration to say that the League's replacement, the United Nations, was founded on Germany's defeat and, in particular, on the defeat of National Socialism. Internationalism had prevailed over nationalism. However, people around the world still had national aspirations. These had to be dealt with. The various imperial countries, such as Britain and France, were exhausted in terms of resources and political will -- and each lost its empire. The last stand was France fighting in Viet Nam to preserve a last vestige of imperial greatness. The European Union has emerged to further render nationalism a not-so-quaint artifact of the past. Perhaps a new nationalism will arise in Europe. Time will tell.

Since the end of WWII, multiracialism, under the euphemism of "multiculturalism," has been promoted in various traditionally White countries such as France, Britain, Canada, the USA, and even Germany. The logic of internationalism implies multiculturalism. Since, if borders are to be weakened, if not abolished altogether, then so too must the ethnic homogeneity of the populations contained within them. Internationalism and multiculturalism are set in opposition to nationalism and ethnic loyalty (which the internationalist planners like to call 'racism').

Internationalism, like multiculturalism (its evil twin), is not a natural condition. Nations, like individuals and families, compete for resources, territory, and prestige. That is rooted in thousands, if not millions, of years of evolution. It is the natural order. Internationalism requires a set of counterbalancing forces that act against the natural inclination of nations to compete and go to war if necessary. One of these is propaganda. The Third Reich is constantly held up as an example of the alleged evil that unrestrained nationalism and 'racism' tend to. To the propagandist it does not matter whether the evil pointed to is real or not. All that matters is whether the great mass of people can be induced to believe it.

There were many countries in the Axis alliance. Besides Germany, there were Finland, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, and Japan. Yet, only Germany is treated as though the war is still raging. The others are more or less off the hook. Not only is the
propaganda war raging, it is intensifying. Accompanying it are increasingly severe penalties for questioning such things as racial diversity and the Holocaust (the mythical extermination of six million Jews). The Internationalists, allied with the multiculturalists (they are essentially evil twins), are resorting to increasingly extreme measures to prevent their house of cards from collapsing. This suggests a serious flaw in their program which they themselves are likely aware of, at least at the higher planning levels.

I think that they recognize what to them is the unthinkable - their worst nightmare. The defeat of National Socialist Germany was military but not ideological. Communism in the Soviet Union eventually collapsed under its own dead weight but NS Germany had to be beaten down with all the combined forces of the USA, the British Empire, and the USSR -- and even then the outcome was not a foregone conclusion until nearly the very end. After its defeat it took years of intensive de-nazification to break the German people's loyalty to their leader and the National Socialist concept. Prior to the war, NS Germany was a successful model of what a country could become if it could get the Jews off its back and pursue a program of class reconciliation and ethnic integrity. Since the end of WWII the internationalists have been attempting to convert the military defeat of the Third Reich into an ideological defeat as well, with seventy years of the most intensive propaganda imaginable. That propaganda campaign, together with its centerpiece Holocaust story, has become the foundation stone of the internationalist agenda. That foundation stone is showing signs of cracking.

As we inch closer to the moment when the program of internationalism and multiculturalism becomes entirely unworkable we will see the demonization of NS Germany intensify and more Holocaust stories that tell us how evil racism and nationalism are. Such stories do not need to be true to produce their desired effect, at least temporarily. Desperate people do not care about truth or about what happens in the long term. They only care about buying time. But their time is running out in any case.

A principle of social organization that is consistent with the laws of Nature will eventually assert itself. That should be nearly self-evident. You can accumulate a debt against natural law but it must eventually be paid. Such a principle of organization will render null almost everything the evil twins and their Jewish creators have been trying to accomplish for over a century. Nations will once again become synonymous with ethnic homelands and within those countries currently poisoned by multiculturalism, the majority ethnic groups will assert sovereignty within their own domains. The alternative would be voluntary racial suicide (the lemming phenomenon).

The race most imperiled by this alternative possibility is the White race (people of European non-Jewish ancestry). It is only within White countries that multiculturalism is being promoted – as though the internationalist agenda since the end of WWII depended on rendering the White populations a minority within their own countries. There are very good reasons for that from the point of view of the internationalists. A global economy cannot work in the long run unless all national and ethnic barriers have been broken down and the majority of the world's population has been rendered a mongrelized and socially atomized mass with the same globalized (it might be more accurate to say Jewified) culture and tastes. To the Internationalist planners it matters little if Taiwan or Srilanka maintain their ethnic integrity. The make-or-break ethnic group is White people. Unless the White race can be reduced to a minority status in its own homelands, the Internationalist globalist agenda fails -- and vice versa.

A model of this process would be the Soviet Union during its first 25 years of existence. It is well known that Soviet communism was predominantly Jewish (cf. Jewish Supremacism by David Duke, Free Speech Press, 2003).

The Jews who controlled the Soviet Union had two main goals: destruction of the dominance of the White race in the former Russian empire and the thorough mixing up of the various racial elements of that former empire through the forced migrations of
millions to produce the 'Soviet man.' Their goal was the breakdown of all the former national and ethnic distinctions, and even some of their languages, that had existed within the Czarist empire.

That first 25 years of the Soviet Union provides ample warning to the world what the ultimate plan of the Jews is: destruction of the dominant position of the White race combined with a thorough mixing of all races into a mongrelized mass of socially atomized individuals lacking ethnic identity -- and all under the control of the Jews. Now instead of the new 'Soviet man' we have the new 'politically correct man' well suited for life in a world owned and operated by Jews for the benefit of Jews.

Against this rather gloomy background we now see the reason for the ongoing propaganda war against the Third Reich. Those who challenge the multicultural agenda (which is really a multiracial agenda) are condemned as 'racist' which bears the implicit charge of 'Nazi.' For the charge to have the necessary sting and mind-numbing effect the public must be constantly reminded of the terrible evils (real or imagined) committed by the 'Nazis.'

We might derive some hope from the fact that the Soviet Union eventually collapsed. Similarly, the totalitarianism of political correctness will eventually collapse and along with it the entire multicultural and internationalist edifice. There are now critics
of the globalist agenda on the Left as well, who have traditionally been supporters of internationalism. Hitler's analysis of Marxism was accurate when he said it was just a plan to drive the workers of the world into the arms of international stock exchange capital:

"Without knowing it, the worker is placing himself at the service of the very power against which he believes he is fighting. Apparently he is made to fight against capital and thus he is all the more easily brought to fight for capitalist interests. Outcries are systematically raised against international capital but in reality it is against the structure of national economics that these slogans are directed. The idea is to demolish this structure and on its ruins triumphantly erect the structure of the International Stock Exchange." (Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Vol.1 Ch.11)

The Leftist critics of globalism have yet to grasp this point but that day may yet come for many of them. Part of our task as White nationalists is to hasten the collapse of Political Correctness. The reward will be worth the effort.

B. C. Anthony is a scientist living in western Canada.